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California Dreaming

Yep, just another epic Saturday out here in Southern California.  This photo was taken on my iPhone with the panorama app, you might notice the line – I’m still new at it – don’t judge so hard!  😉

This is the view from my parent’s back yard.  Hence my love of photography, especially of sunsets.  How could you not love sunset photography when THIS is what you grew up with every day?

Stay warm all my friends Back East!  LOL!


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Wildflowers in SCV

Giant Lupine field by my house

There’s something you need to understand about southern California – we don’t have seasons.  Well – let me rephrase that…we have two seasons.  We have Fire Season, and we have Rain Season.  This thing the rest of the nation calls “Autumn” – what is that?  This interesting idea of being snowed in…yeah that doesn’t really happen here either.

What does happen is that it rains and rains and rains in these long spurts of mega storms that the local news tells us is important by the invention of their headline “STORM WATCH-insert year”.  We need the rain – we really, really do, but most SoCal residents hate the rain.  It makes everyone crazy when they drive, and we turn into regular Wicked Witches of the West.  Hmmm…guess that actually makes sense now that you think about it.  She hated water…we hate water.

But soon after Rain Season is over Fire Season starts right up.  The moment that things start to dry out, a wind kicks up and suddenly everything is on fire.  Everything! Usually we’re talking about fires big enough to be seen from SPACE.  And I’m sure the astronauts are laughing at us.  Yet, unlike Rain Season we know how to deal with Fire Season.

We know when we wake up and the sun is orange – fire somewhere.  We know when the sunset looks absolutely breathtaking – fire somewhere.  We know that when one fire starts – there will be a fire somewhere else.  They just multiply from wind, and dry brush, and crazy pyro-maniacs that think one raging wildfire just isn’t enough.

But last year…it rained enough to crop up a nice spread of wildflowers, like this field by my house:

And as I was driving past it this evening I started to see the budding of perhaps another lovely crop of wildflowers.  So here’s hoping that this year, due to the ungodly amount of rain and snow we had, that with the drought over, all the mountainsides will be covered in majestic flowers…until the fire devours them.

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If you know me at all you know that I have a very, very, unhealthy obsession with all things Potter.  Some say it’s a curse – I say it is a gift!!  I spread the joy of reading to all who will listen to my impassioned speeches about the greatest series written in the last century!

Go ahead Tolkien fans – I’m ready for you!

This isn’t the first, or the last time that you’ll see my rantings, ravings, and reviews of anything Potter related.  It is my life, and I consider myself a somewhat expert on it.  But I did want to make my first Potter post about a place in SoCal that is so fantastic that I literally squeezed like a school girl when I heard about it.

This place is called Whimsic Alley.

Diagon Alley

Whimsic Alley - Los Angeles

Platform 9 3 4

Whimsic Alley - Los Angeles

Great Hall

Whimsic Alley - Los Angeles

Oh – that’s right dear reader.  You did see a Great Hall.  You did think for just a split second that you could run right through that wall onto Platform 9&3/4.  You did gasp at the glory that is the sign post for your Wizarding shopping.

I honestly can’t say enough great things about this place.  Not only is it themed out to the umpteenth degree, but you can get authentic costumes from the place that makes them for the movies, you can get an authentic wand, and you can get all sorts of fantastic little extras and memorabilia for yourself.

Authentic Gryffindor tie to complete your Deathly Hallows costume – check.

Prefect Pin to ensure that no one mistakes you for some random student – check.

Sorting Hat to ensure no Slytherin wannabe’s cut in line – check.

Costume for the final movie complete!

They have it all!  And I will be sure to make another trip over there (probably about my 4th now) before Deathly Hallows – Part 2 graces our screens this Fall.

Oh – and they have Twilight stuff too – but who cares about that?!  :p

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