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The Pitch:  Immediately following the events of Conspiracy of Us, Avery and gang are trying to decipher clues that haven’t been solved in centuries.  Obviously – smoldering angst, murder and mayhem hound them on their quest.

The Pros:  So much Stellan.  Mmmmmmm.  I guess Jack too.  Elodie, Luc and Colette rounding out the gang.  See # below and link to MNAR.

The Cons:  Ahhh….it ended?  There might be faults – but I can’t see them I’m so deep in fandom land.

The Soapbox:  All my fangirling aside I’d like to point out something incredibly awesome that happened when I started listening to this book – I emailed the author and she EMAILED.  ME.  BACK.  Maggie Hall has been nothing but gracious and appreciative of my frantic and feverish attempts to pry more information out of her.  She is all things awesome and amazing.  I highly suggest you get on the Fandom newsletter so you can see all the “cut scenes” from the two books as well as her uplifting advice.

I have just been floored by her hospitality and also baffled why this book hasn’t caught on.  It’s basically ripe with fandom…it has all the pieces there.  So this is my plea to everyone out there – come to me.  Talk to me.  Let’s exchange notes!  Let’s argue about who Avery should be with!  I am dying to talk to people that aren’t my friends and co-workers about this.  That is the fun of fandom!  I’ve written a novel…literally…on what I think could go down in Ends of the World.  Let me read your stuff!  Let’s start this now!  There is only one book left…come out of hiding and unite.

The Breakdown:  Much like any book Rick Riordan writes – I have nothing bad to say about this novel either.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say it takes up 75% of my thoughts all day.

Rating: All the stars…like infinity.

Reasoning: #fangirl #stellan #cannes #greece #IWroteNovelLengthFanfictionAboutTheseCharacters

Recommended For: YA fans, Escapist Fiction, Teenage Readers


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The Pitch:  Avery West’s decision to defy her mother and go to her junior prom starts a chain reaction of destiny, death and destruction.  Faster than she can manage, she’s in too deep and no one escapes the Circle.

The Pros:  So much fun!  Very quick read.  Smoking hot male leads.  Escapist adventure at its best.

The Cons: First third was hard for me to get through.  I could see how some people would hold that grudge through the rest of the book.

The Soapbox:  I drive a lot.  Some people say too much.  So I have switched to Audible to get most of my reading done these days.  Audible kept telling me I would like this book and I kept telling Audible – no thanks!  But one long summer day, when I had an extra long drive home to look forward to, I decided to take the plunge.  I’d gone through so many heavy books and non-fiction duds I needed something fun.

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I kept nodding and rolling my eyes for the first third of this novel.  Of course the hot new boy likes the main girl!  Of course the new girl has to keep to herself because she moves a lot and it makes her special!  Of course the other hot dude that appears is looking for her!

BUT.  Then things made a turn in the epic direction and I was hooked.  Just sucked in.  Obsessed.  Consumed.  She got me.  Maggie Hall got me, and now I can’t stop thinking about this series.  As soon as I knew I only had a chapter left to listen to I immediately downloaded the next book.

It’s that good.  #fangirling

I could write pages about this series – but I’ll let my feverish text messages between myself and my best friend (I cohersed into reading it) speak for me.

The Breakdown:  As long as you come into this book knowing that first third might make you roll your eyes a lot you’re gonna like it.  You’re going to like it a lot…

Rating: Four Stars

Reasoning: Lots of stereotypical YA stuff happening in the first third, but the second and third more than make up for it.

Recommended For: YA Fans, Teenage Readers, Escapist Fiction, YA that ISN’T Post-Apocalyptic! 

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