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Not even a year ago if you would have asked me if the ‘American Dream’ could still be attained in this country I would have laughed at you.  With how hard everyone has been hit with the ‘Great Recession’ and the changes and new realities that we have all faced this idea of owning a house and raising your family within it seemed like something completely unattainable to me.  It especially seemed unattainable within anywhere worthwhile in Southern California.  The rules don’t apply here, money isn’t the same here, and that meant that owning a home was something that I never thought I could have here.

Yet, I am a week away from moving into my first house with my husband and it is all surreal to me.  Especially because of the catalyst for such a life changing decision – we’re having a baby.  God has very hilarious timing, and it wasn’t until I decided to go back to school and obtain my teaching credential did He decide that a baby was just what we needed in our lives.    It was from that one little test that my husband decided we needed a house – not another apartment.  He worked tirelessly and has suffered through some of the most contradictory and confusing paperwork and processes I’ve ever encountered.  But once we have those keys in our hands on Friday it will all be far too real.

My father commented that we will have done quite a bit of living by the end of this year.  He also said he didn’t think it was possible to still have the ‘American Dream’ anymore – but here we are…a week away from obtaining it and I couldn’t be happier, prouder, or more overwhelmed.  And I can’t wait to put away those little shoes in my son’s room…




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